Meet the newest member of the Hunters Dawlish family

Gary and Hilary Hook of Hunters in Dawlish introduced a new team member this month - 'Matilda The Moggie'.

Gary explained “We were looking for another car and wanted something that stood out. Having spent a couple of Sundays roaming car dealerships we still couldn’t find what we were looking for. I reverted back to the web and came across a classic car website. We knew we were on the right track.”

Having been to see a number of different cars they settled on the Morris Minor. Hilary said, “I fell in love with the Moggie, the little things like the front lights with 'eyelids' and the distinctive shape really got to me especially as my father had one many years ago.”  Their search took them to Cornwall. Gary explained, “We’d seen this one on the net and made contact with the owner. He was a doctor who had owned the car for eleven years and was only selling it to make way for a new project in the garage."

Hilary continued, “The condition, colour, ash wood, everything about her was perfect and she was originally registered in Devon. To top it all Matilda was built the same year Gary and I were born! So that was that, she’s come back home!”  Hilary wouldn’t divulge the year Matilda was built and just said you’ll have to work it out for yourself.

If you're in the area, pop in to see Gary, Hilary and Matilda - who knows you may even get a ride in this very special vehicle.

Hunters Dawlish can be contacted here.