FREE Hometrack Valuation Report

From time to time, whether you're looking to sell or let or just you're sense checking the market, everyone wants to know the answer to the question; “How much is my property worth?” That’s why we at Hunters recently invested in a promotion with Hometrack so customers could obtain a report worth &19.99, free of charge. Click here to generate your report.

The reports have proved very popular with both vendors and landlords alike. An on-line valuation is a very useful guide. Useful though it is, It is just a guide and just the start of the journey. Property is, and always will be, about people. The estimated value of a property can only be measured in conjunction with local knowledge incorporating many other associated factors such as location; amenities; schools. The ‘value’ of the property is not an end in itself and needs a ‘purchaser’ (buyer or tenant) to realise it.

Local knowledge includes expertise in who is looking for what type of home. A successful sale or let is not just about maximising viewing opportunities, it is about matching person to property; it is about understanding the needs of the vendor or the landlord; it is about qualifying buyers and tenants because the ultimate aim is to match the two. Yes there are many other important factors for all parties in the transaction like timescales; legalities (ever increasing); negotiations, price, method of payment, EPC’s, searches, conveyancing, mortgages and the list goes on and on. But you just can’t beat a good local agent - a good local agent matches a person to home.

Put simply Hunters is your local agent and local agents always know someone who would be interested in a property like yours!

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