Work Experience - The Hunters Way

I chose Hunters for my work experience as I have an interest in property and my two weeks have been an educational experience. I now understand:

• How properties should be presented for example a tidy house or even a well presented garden can make all the difference when properties are up for lettings or sales, this could increase the chance to get your property rented or sold quicker.

• To take notice of the advantages and disadvantages of the location of a property and also the property itself for example if the location is less than 3 miles from city centre is an advantage and to realise the size of the bedrooms or even the quantity of rooms.

• I know how to present a house and show viewers around the property, I would explain the basic information of the property such as the size, the rooms, if the owner has not yet moved out and still got his/hers goods in the property then the viewer must not be left alone, if empty then it is acceptable for them to look around the property freely without a close eye on them needed to be kept on them.

• On the marketing side I understand why pricing of properties is important and what affects them such as the location, number of bedrooms, if it’s detached or not, these factors reflect to the price.

I did not like having to locate pictures for the Hunters website, it was not the best thing to do but it turns out to be a useful thing for them. What I did really enjoy was going out on viewings, I got to look at different properties in different locations and the time seemed to pass by really quickly. This opportunity for work experience would not have come to me if it was not for Tiffany MacKail my supervisor who had guided me through the two week process and so many thanks to Tiffany and Hunters,
Best Wishes Assad Uddin – Joseph Rowntree School.

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Published in: Newsletter July 2011