Pressure increasing on private landlords

A recent report from Citizens Advice is causing a stir amongst the private housing sector with figures showing the number of dangerous homes that are privately rented is estimated as nearly 3 times as many as in the social sector.

What does this mean to you as a landlord? There is now more pressure than ever on landlords to ensure your properties are fit for purpose and complying with ever changing regulations. For example the new legislation launched on 1st October 2015 regarding smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, with non-compliance resulting in fines of up to &5000.

Several organisations such as Citizens Advice are pushing for councils to take more action; like setting up local licensing schemes, and on a wider scale pushing for schemes like a national landlord’s register.

This may all seem conjectural at present but with recently introduced laws aimed at combating Legionnaires Disease and the ever increasing likelihood more stringent electrical safety testing requirements (as in Scotland as of 1st December 2015) legislation is definitely moving more and more towards ensuring the safety of tenants and cracking down on ‘cowboy landlords’.

Citizens Advice says 740,000 households in England live in unsafe private rental homes.

So how can Hunters Help? We understand you want to do your best to look after your property and tenants, but do also have a life outside of being a model landlord. To make things more stress free we are not only on hand to deal with emergency issues but also all the minor problems in between. In addition to arranging the repairs for these faults, our experienced agents also work pro-actively in order to maintain the market leading care we offer for your property.