Landlord Newsletter - June 2016

Welcome to the Hunters Landlord Newsletter.

Recent weeks have certainly been eventful for the UK as a whole, however it is very much business as usual here at Hunters. It’s all about supply and demand and we are pleased to report that the rental market is booming with demand still outstripping supply. We expect to see an increase in demand from individuals and families across the country who will see renting as the best option for them during this time. So it’s a great time to put your property on the market to let!

That’s what we think but what do you think? If you have any questions or queries about the market in general or your area in particular then please contact us – that’s what we do best, we offer you a personal one on one conversation because we are the property professionals and you are our customer.

In addition, in this edition you can find out how you can access all of your statements via our Landlord Portal, get some early results from our recent Landlord Survey and read some insightful articles covering important legislation. 

We hope you enjoy the read!
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