It's a buyers market in Guisborough

Is now the right time to sell in Guisborough?
The onset of the proposed new builds means more and more properties are coming on to the market, resulting in a far greater choice for the buyers and consequently reinforcing a 'buyers market'. 
Whilst confidence is growing in the housing market in general, we still need to be aware of local issues which will influence the market in Guisborough. Mortgage approvals are at their highest since late 2007 and the number of new mortgage loans being approved for home buyers has reached its highest level for more than six years. The Bank of England says the number of mortgages approved, but not yet lent, was 76,947 in January. This was the largest number of approvals since November 2007, when the banking crisis was getting underway (source: BBC News). So, in answer to the question: Is now the right time to sell – Hunters say YES it is!


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