Furnished properties produce 35% more rent

Struggling to find ways to make your property more attractive to potential tenants? We have some tops tips that could help you make your property more appealing:

1. Neutral décor
2. No cream carpets / sofas
3. Basic furnishings ie; 4 set of pans/crockery etc.
4. Not too cheap but NOT too expensive
5. No personal items
6. Allow the tenant room for their own belongings
7. Put up “picture hooks” for Tenants use – so they don’t need to bang holes in the walls
8. Good up keep of property, well maintained = better looked after, longer term tenancies, less outgoings during tenancy, happier tenants.
9. Instruction books and manuals for appliances and heating/water systems (if a tenant knows how to use something it helps everyone involved)

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