Online Estate Agents

A topic which is being increasingly talked about is the rise of online estate agents and what this means for the traditional high street agent.

Online agents offer an estate agent service solely on the internet with their main motivating factor being the cut of their fees in comparison to the traditional high street agent. A poll from found that 4 in 10 Brits believe they could sell their property better than an estate agent, due to the vast knowledge of their area and property.

Although online agents offer a lower fee, this has not stopped the rise of the traditional high street agent. With Rightmove and Zoopla being the two most visited sites for buying, selling, letting and renting and finding an estate agent, the traditional agents are still proving to be the most popular choice when visiting online property portals.

Both Rightmove and Zoopla will only list registered estate agents on their property portal. Rightmove in September alone had 1.28 billion page views proving why it is the number one property portal. Most people that search online will look at Rightmove and Zoopla first before looking at another portal meaning that the traditional estate agent gets looked at before anything else.

Martin Robinson, Sales Director of Hunters Estate Agent, comments on why he believes a traditional agent is still the most favourable choice:

“Let’s be clear on one thing here, property portals do not sell properties and certainly do not get the best prices for them, good estate agents do. Property portals are one of many tools a good estate agent uses to get potential buyers who are not already registered with them, and enables them to call and enquire about a property they have for sale.

The good, knowledgeable, well trained agent asks the buyer questions to understand all their property, social and life style needs. They then match those needs with the properties they already have listed and will encourage the buyer to view the property. They then accompany the buyer around the property constantly listening to their needs and extoling the virtues of the property and the area to the buyer with enthusiasm and professional knowledge. In order to secure an offer and achieving the best price for their client, this process is essential”.

So when it comes to buying, selling, letting and renting, choose an established agent with proven track record and expert local and market knowledge.