Landlords and Tenants - protect your assets!

Whether you’re a Landlord or a Tenant the best way to protect your property or deposit is to ensure a full inventory report and schedule of condition is carried out at the start of each and every tenancy.

A full inventory detailing all of the fixtures/fittings and furnishings within a property as well as the condition along with photographic evidence becomes the bench mark when the property is vacated.

Hunters inventories are most often carried out using up to date technology via an “app”.  This means that they are time stamped and dated to ensure accuracy with relevant prompts dependent upon each room or area of a property.  This level of detail and precision is best practice for all parties so that upon move-out the condition can be easily identified versus the condition upon move-in allowing any necessary deductions to be calculated fairly.

So, don’t leave it to chance, make sure your Agent carries out an inventory for you on each and every let.

If you require this service or want a copy of your inventory please contact your local office.