Staircase Envy : 5 of the most creative, interesting interior stairways

Spiral Staircase by Patrick Joiun (see featured picture)

Inspired by natural forms, this spiral staircase by Patrick Joiun is especially unusual as it lacks a central column. Instead, support is created by a metal pole that also takes on a spiral shape. Even though the steps are made from a warmly-coloured hardwood with a good deal of presence, the open nature of this staircase’s design helps to retain the light nature of the glass-walled space it inhabits.

Trippy Stairs by Atmos Studios (click here to see image)

This bespoke staircase design sits somewhere between art deco and psychedelia. The fluid build offers no clear boundary between staircase, wall, and floor, and its sinuous wooden tendrils extend into the interior space. A small bathroom makes excellent use of the area under the stairs, benefiting from a ceiling that reflects the steps’ unusual shapes.

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