Do You Have Lofty Aspirations For Your Home?

A loft conversion could be just the thing to transform today’s viewing into tomorrow’s home.

We all know the disappointment of finally finding a home in the right location only to realise it’s short of space inside.

“Don’t walk away without thinking about a loft conversion,” says Kevin Hollinrake

“Gone are the days when extending into the loft was a gloomy afterthought. The modern loft conversion is imaginative, spacious and filled with natural light. A real asset to any home.”

Be realistic though. A loft is only worth converting if the space is large enough. If it’s too small to be a double bedroom then what about a second bathroom? Single bedrooms don’t sell houses so it simply wouldn’t be worth the investment.

Similarly, drop the idea if the access is going to be tricky. Room for a safe stairway is vital.

Don’t forget storage. Clever storage solutions really do help sell houses.

A quick call to the local council’s planning department is all that’s needed to see if planning permission is necessary. Chances are, if the building isn’t listed or in a conservation area, the work can be done through “building regulations”, which basically involve filling out a form - sometimes including a plan - detailing the changes you want to make.

Still unsure? Why not ask a Hunters’ estate agent around to tell you how much value a loft conversion would add to the property. They will do this for free.

Then, it’s up to you. Lofty ambitions might be the key to finding your new home.  We currently have a range of properties with excellent loft conversions but this York property is particularly fine example. Click Here To View

Kevin Hollinrake

Managing Director


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