New Tricks With New Bricks

New build property was once considered a luxury, something only the wealthy could afford.

… Over the past decade it’s become an affordable option for many.

“One of the main benefits of buying a new home is being able to tweak it to your liking,” says Kevin Hollinrake.

“Most builders give design options - be it the positioning of a downstairs cloakroom, number of built-in storage cupboards or the garden layout - and it’s rewarding to be able to give your input. It really makes the home feel special.”

If your new home is part of a development there’s often a real feeling of community and camaraderie to be found. After all, you’ll all be moving in at around the same time and are often at similar life stages, such as parenthood or retirement.

With the current economic climate potential buyers of new homes often find themselves with the upper hand in negotiations. Builders need to sell to move onto their next development, so may be willing to negotiate on price or offer upgraded items - such as kitchens and bathrooms - at no extra cost.

You may also find yourself saving money on your energy builds, with modern green building techniques, such as solar panels on the roof, bringing bills down.

We currently have some stunning and interesting new build properties on the market.  Click here to view the Chichester just released at the Staynor Manor development, Selby.

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