Homeward Bound

Financial restrictions caused by the recession have highlighted a new interior design trend towards spending more time in our own homes. Apparently, staying in is the new going out and - as such - our houses are evolving into places where we actually want to spend more time! Having bought a new home, many simply want to batten down the hatches and truly enjoy the ‘most expensive purchase we ever make’.

Features such as games rooms, home cinema spaces or a simple quiet, well-lit hobby room are being increasingly demanded by potential purchasers. Many more people are now working from home - or hoping to do so in the future - so homes with potential home office space are always going to be popular.

So far as decorating these spaces goes, interior designers have taken a step away from the usual minimalist style. Great lighting and storage are key elements and a new style has evolved; a look that isn't too sweet or fussy but has a quintessentially English country feel about it. Understated, elegant - but with personality - and somehow managing to work equally well in both town and country properties.
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