Auction News!

Many properties that have either been on the market for some time or have recently been acquired due to bereavement can be sat empty over winter. For a house not in use, the New Year often brings further bills to a sometimes already stretched household, including an additional council tax bill in some cases. For anyone with their own home to run alongside, things can get expensive and sometimes out of control.

Before resorting to desperate measures to sell, Hunters Auctions can achieve the best price, sale and completion in an 8-10 week timescale. Our successful department will market your property intensely leading up to the auction date. A sale in the room provides an exchange of contracts, a 10% deposit and completion 28 days later. Our first auction of 2015 is to be held on 25th February. A successful sale at this auction would mean the completion funds are yours by Easter.

Properties in need of modernisation or refurbishment always attract lots of interest at auction. Our auction catalogue mailing list alone includes 6,000 investors, developers and cash buyers looking for any property that needs work. Selling on the open market can prove difficult with any property needing work as although they are often popular with plenty of viewings, a failed survey can potentially leave the property un-mortgagable. By this point, solicitors are instructed and costs have escalated, only to have to start again.

Because we work very closely with our network of branches across the country, you get both a local and national approach to marketing, which is hard to match with other auction services. Alongside properties needing work, we also successfully sell commercial property, land, building plots and any investment property.

If you are interested in what our Auctions department have to offer you or would like to find out more click here or call us on 01904 756116