Legal Packs - A Quick Guide to Downloading Documentation for Free.


Legal packs are made available via our Legal Pack Portal. All documentation can be downloaded free of charge, however a registration is required.

CLICK HERE to visit the portal

Choose the address of the property you are interested in from the list.


A box will come up showing the property image. There will be a message to the right which says 'Download Legal Documents'

Once you click this message, a further box will come up asking for your log in/ registration details. Once you have done this, you can download as many legal packs as you want, free of charge.


Should the message next to the property image say that the Legal Documents are not yet available, this means we have not yet received the pack from the solicitor.

Although the documentation is not yet there, please click on the message as this will take you to the same log in/ registration screen. Once the pack does arrive, we can then notify you automatically via email.