Market Review

It would seem from activity in the market in and around East Grinstead that things are finally beginning to settle down. The amount of new buyers and new instructions has risen by over 20% in the last month and, although sales are still price sensitive, now is one of the best times in a long while to buy or sell property.

Mortgage lending is also up, and here at Hunters we have been finding some great deals for our buyers. Of course we are not out of the woods yet, and it would be foolish to think otherwise, but perhaps East Grinstead’s recovery may be swifter than in other parts of the country. Recent press has stated that many areas in the UK experiencing a slow recovery are in the North; so it would appear that East Grinstead, along with our London neighbour, is sheltered somewhat from the worst of the economic storm!

The lettings market in East Grinstead continues to grow - although we have seen a small decline in the rent landlords are able to achieve for their properties. The ratio of demand to supply has been pushing up rental prices but simple market factors, how much people can actually afford to pay for example, will always halt any excessive increases and it would appear that we have reached that stage.

There is still fierce competition to secure a property as a tenant and if you have been unable to find one our advice would be to keep calling your agent. With so many tenants looking for properties it can sometimes result in your estate agent overlooking you.