Linda Barker Works Exclusively With Hunters To Endorse The Brand & Guide Customers...

Linda commented "When it comes to preparing a house for sale owners are often confused about just what is required but with interiors and exteriors, a little bit of work can go a long way." 

“People should understand that they need to put a bit of effort into it because it can give them the edge over anybody else. If you are in a market with a lot of very similar properties and people are going to see yours it pays to put a bit of effort in. My main tip is to keep the house tidy, let people imagine themselves living in your property and make people feel welcome in your house – give it a welcoming atmosphere.” 

At Hunters we totally agree and we have worked in conjunction with Linda to produce both a video and booklet giving our customers great tips on how to prepare their home for sale and attract more buyers. 

Hunters franchisees enjoy the personal brand endorsement provided by Linda Barker and are able to offer their customers more. 

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